Which 1st-Year College Football Head Coach Will Have the Best 2022?

At least for the time being, the college football head coaching carousel has stopped spinning. 

Auburn fans, we haven’t forgotten about you. To be continued.

For the most part, however, the chaos has subsided. Coaches are at their new schools. Recruiting is in full swing now that their first class, albeit in an abbreviated cycle, has been finalized.

With spring football around the corner for many, one question seems to linger. 

Which new head coach will have the most success in 2022? 

We asked Bleacher Report readers this very question, and the answers were plentiful. With so much offseason movement, there was no shortage of options. 

Here are some of those answers, with commentary attached.

The SoCal Arrival

User: @New_Mgr 

Suggestion: Lincoln Riley 

The answer is short and sweet. Lincoln Riley’s shift from Oklahoma to USC is one of the more shocking coaching moves in recent memory.

And it will work. I wrote about this shortly after the hire became official, and I still feel that way. That was before Caleb Williams committed to USC on Feb. 1. Also, the Trojans added plenty of other fascinating pieces around him—including a handful of former Sooners. 

The offense will be light-years better. The football will be much more exciting. The team’s overall trajectory will head in the right direction, and it might do so quickly. 

But it will also take time.

USC had the nation’s No. 103 scoring defense last season, and that won’t be repaired overnight. While playing in the Pac-12 should certainly help, it’s not unreasonable to think that USC will fall short of the unbelievable hype that will surround it.

Well, at least next year.

Still, enough pieces are in place that this could come together in a hurry. Williams, of course, might develop even more tools this offseason. And the offense could develop quickly enough to win the Trojans the type of games they lost over the past decade. 

Author: Lucy Green