These 3 Teams Will Regret Standing Pat At Trade Deadline

At the NBA trade deadline on Thursday, a handful of teams made some moves to try and make the most of their season. The 76ers went “all-in” to win a championship by acquiring former league-MVP James Harden from the Brooklyn Nets, pairing him with Joel Embiid, and the Bucks bolstered their frontcourt with the addition of veteran Serge Ibaka. 

A couple of days prior to the trade deadline, the Kings made a big move by acquiring Domantas Sabonis from the Pacers, the Cavaliers acquired Caris LeVert from the Pacers and the Pelicans formed a new “Big 3” with Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram and newly acquired CJ McCollum. 

The NBA trade deadline is a time where teams look to better themselves heading into the playoffs… Well, this can be said about most teams at least. 

Making a trade is oftentimes necessary for playoff contenders, especially for those teams looking to make it all the way to the NBA Finals, but this can not always be said about everyone. Sometimes, teams that need to make a deal wind up not doing anything at all.

There were a few teams entering the day on Thursday ahead of the deadline that really needed to make a big move in order to better their chances for success this season and they failed to do so. Here are the three teams that will regret not making a trade deadline move this season.


Los Angeles Lakers

Cancún is a beautiful city on the coast of Mexico that is oftentimes a vacation spot for many in the United States. It will also be where LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers will be spending their summer after failing to make any kind of move whatsoever at the trade deadline. 

Entering the 2021-22 NBA season, the Lakers were picked by many to be this year’s champions and be the “team to beat” across the league. Los Angeles is now 56 games into their season and they have proven to be a team to beat on 30 different occasions, as they currently have a 26-30 record and are the 9-seed in the Western Conference. 

Author: Lucy Green