Seahawks, Dolphins, Texans are the betting favorites to land Jimmy Garoppolo

Several days ago, the 49ers essentially invited one or more of the other 31 teams to make an offer, any offer, for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Since then, there has been (checks Twitter) no reporting of any team, name or unnamed, having interest in Garoppolo.

It appears that the 49ers and Garoppolo have decided, at least for now, to wait for a starting quarterback with another team to suffer a season-ending injury. It would be a win-win for team and player; the 49ers would get a more significant return, and Garoppolo would be more likely to get all or most of his $25 million compensation package for the final year of his current contract.

But season-ending injuries to starting quarterbacks don’t happen on a regular basis during training camp (where they aren’t touched) or the preseason (where they rarely play). Unless a starter goes down or someone makes a bargain-basement offer (and Garoppolo agrees to a much lower salary), he’s getting cut — likely when the rosters move to 53.

Eventually, he’ll join another team. He’s on the fringe of the top twenty, which means that roughly 10 starters are worse than him. So, yes, he’ll get another opportunity.

The folks at DraftKings have posted three favorites. The Seahawks have the shortest odds, +275. Next, the Dolphins (sorry, TuAnon) at +330. In third position are the Texans, at +400.

Author: Lucy Green