Ranking all 14 SEC football stadiums from worst to first

The SEC is home to not only some of the strongest football teams in the nation, but some of the most dedicated fans. All 14 teams, soon to be 16, have their own home fields and the stadiums in which those fields reside are considered a special and sometime sacred place to many fans.

Recently our friends over at UGA Wire ranked all 14 SEC college towns. We decided it’s time to dig a little bit deeper and rank the stadiums within those towns.

Whether it be a daunting setting that hosts over 100,000 people in Baton Rouge, Louisiana or a smaller horseshoe stadium that offers the visiting team a home field advantage is Nashville, the SEC has a wide variety of stadiums.


Here’s how we rank them.

Vanderbilt Stadium – Vanderbilt


Vanderbilt fans are probably used to this. Hopefully someday soon it will change. The unique horseshoe, amphitheater style is definitely interesting to look at. However, it just doesn’t come close to matching the epic homes of other teams in the conference. Renovations are reportedly soon coming, which might spruce things up a bit. For now, the program should focus on filling the stadium, new or old, with Vanderbilt fans rather than visiting team fanbases.


Kroger Field – Kentucky

Kentucky has a program that always seems to stay relevant in the first half of the season and then tail off. Remaining a top-three team in the SEC East should be the program’s main focus. While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with Kroger field, it just doesn’t have anything unique to it. The capacity sits at just over 60,000, which doesn’t come close to rivaling the Wildcats’ in-conference counterparts at over six figures.


Davis-Wade Stadium – Mississippi State

Cowbells, cowbells and even more cowbells. Can you get enough? The answer is aways no at Davis-Wade Stadium. The unique layout of this stadium features a majority of the over 61,000 seats alongside the sideline with little seating along the end zones. Much like Kentucky’s Kroger Field, Davis-Wade doesn’t have anything wrong with it, but it doesn’t necessarily stand out over others.

Author: Lucy Green