Mystery team enters Baker Mayfield trade talks

The Cleveland Browns and Baker Mayfield have seemingly been in the same exact spot for months now. He’s no longer the future in Cleveland, so he wants out. Meanwhile, the Browns recognize the value of a starting quarterback, and don’t want to give him up for nothing, by cutting him. Not to mention, releasing him would only cause the Browns to pay his fully guaranteed $18.8 contract, whether he’s on the roster or not.

Where’s the fun in that? If the Browns are paying Mayfield, they might as well get some use out of him, right? Then there’s always the possibility that a team not currently looking for a QB could suddenly have a need. This appears to be what the Browns are banking on.

That’s all without knowing the potential ramifications of a Deshaun Watson suspension, which could actually create a bigger need for a starter back at the Dawg Pound, but for Mayfield, that ship has sailed.

Through all this fun, the Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers have been the two teams most frequently linked to Mayfield, but developments have been slow on that trade front as well. With NFL training camps less than a month away from opening, could we see another team get involved?

That appears to be what’s happening right now, according to Michael Balko, who says a new team, not previously mentioned has gained interest in a Mayfield trade as of late.

Author: Lucy Green