MLB free agents who will benefit from universal DH

The collective bargaining agreement in Major League Baseball expired back on Dec. 2 of last year, as we’re all more than aware by now, and a new one isn’t yet in place. When it finally does get done, every expectation is that both leagues will finally be playing by the same rules for the first time since 1972. 

Yes, there will very likely be what has been called a “universal” designated hitter. Every team in baseball will be allowed to DH for its pitcher every game, regardless of opponent, joining basically every other level of organized baseball. This infuriates some and invigorates others, but we aren’t here to argue with either side. It’s happening, so it would be a waste of air. 

No, what we’ll do here is highlight some players who remain free agents that should — at least in theory — be helped by the DH extending over to the National League. 

It should be noted that the days of the DH specialist like Travis Hafner and David Ortiz are mostly in the past, save for a few exceptions, and instead most teams employ a variety of DHs in order to keep several position players fresh through the season. It’s a day of “rest” without actually being a full day of rest with the bat remaining in the lineup. 

Author: Lucy Green