Fans really want Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp’s Madden ratings changed

The Rams Wire

EA Sports released ratings for every player in “Madden NFL 23” this summer and as is the case each year, gamers were upset about how their favorite players were viewed. It’s gotten to the point where EA is allowing fans to call into a hotline, proposing why a player’s rating should be adjusted.

It’s no surprise that EA has been getting a lot of calls, including plenty of requests about two Rams players: Cooper Kupp and Matthew Stafford.

The official Madden account tweeted a list of the most requested players from the hotline and Kupp was seventh, followed by Stafford at No. 10 – assuming the list is in order. Kupp has a 98 overall rating in the game, one point shy of joining the 99 Club with his teammate Aaron Donald.

Stafford is only 10th among all quarterbacks with an 85 overall rating, so fans would like to see his rating a bit higher.

We’ll see if EA does anything about this before the season begins, but if Stafford goes off for 450 yards and four touchdowns against the Bills in Week 1, you can be sure his rating will jump up from 85 overall.

Author: Lucy Green