Deshaun Watson’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, contends sexual activity during a massage is not a crime

As Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson continues to flounder in the court of public opinion, two of his lawyers submitted to an extended radio interview on Friday morning regarding the case.

Rusty Hardin and Leah Graham appeared on Sports Radio 610 in Houston. They answered many questions about the 23 civil cases pending against Watson. Each of the lawsuits allege sexual misconduct during massage therapy sessions.

Hardin and Graham said plenty of things that are worthy of consideration and analysis. Near the end of the interview, Hardin had this to say about the possibility that Watson was getting massages from so many different therapists with an expectation, a hope, and/or a desire that it take a sexual turn. Indeed, Watson and his lawyers have admitted that consensus activities occurred with three of the plaintiffs who have sued him.

“I don’t know how many men are out there now that have had a massage that perhaps occasionally there was a happy ending,” Hardin said. “Maybe there’s nobody in your listening audience that that ever happened to. I do want to point out, if it has happened, it’s not a crime. OK? Unless you are paying somebody extra or so to give you some type of sexual activity, it’s not a crime. . . . Doing something or saying something or being a way that makes you uncomfortable is not a crime.”

Author: Lucy Green