College sports’ unlimited transfer rule unlikely to pass next week

Unlimited free agency may not come to college sports as quickly as some expected.

Multiple sources told The Athletic on Saturday that it is increasingly unlikely that the Division I Board of Directors will vote to eliminate the NCAA rule prohibiting multiple transfers by athletes at its Aug. 3 meeting. This would mean that the one-time transfer rule would remain in place. The creation of transfer windows may also be delayed.

Earlier this month, the Division I Council endorsed the elimination of the one-time transfer rule as part of a transfer reform package that included the implementation of transfer windows and the requirement that the school accepting a transfer would be required to provide financial aid to the incoming student-athlete through the completion of the student’s five-year period of eligibility or undergraduate graduation. The package originated with the Division I Transformation Committee, a group assembled to help modernize college athletics.

Presidents on both the Transformation Committee and Board have expressed concerns regarding the possibility of unlimited transfers, sources said. There also has been a great deal of public pushback from football and men’s basketball coaches who believe it will make it nearly impossible to manage rosters.

Author: Lucy Green