Carolina Panthers ‘won’t make a run’ at Jimmy Garoppolo trade

If the Carolina Panthers are going to acquire competition for Sam Darnold and Matt Corral this summer, a Jimmy Garoppolo trade reportedly isn’t in the cards before the 2022 NFL season.

Carolina explored every avenue to upgrade at quarterback this offseason. When its pursuit of Deshaun Watson failed and other targets went elsewhere, the front office turned its focus to low-end quarterbacks. Garoppolo and Baker Mayfield immediately stood out as the targets, with their teams wanting to offload a massive salary and finding very few suitors for the low-ceiling starters.

Something nearly came together during the 2022 NFL Draft. Carolina engaged in extended trade conversations, seemingly on the verge of acquiring Mayfield. However, a disagreement regarding the amount of Mayfield’s salary the Cleveland Browns would cover ended negotiations.

Instead, the Panthers used a 2023 third-round pick to move up for Corral. He will be in the mix to become the starting quarterback this fall, especially given Carolina’s internal optimism regarding his potential.

While acquiring another veteran quarterback is still possible, it seems Garoppolo isn’t in Carolina’s plans.

Author: Lucy Green