Bulls Considered Landing Spot for Lakers Malik Monk

The Chicago Bulls are second in the NBA in 3-point percentage. They shoot 37.3% from beyond the arc as a team.

However, the Bulls are 28th in the league in 3-pointers made per game, hitting only 10.9 a contest. After starting the season off strong, Chicago is just 3-10 over its last 13 games and has a record of 42-31.

Zach LaVine, Coby White and Lonzo Ball lead the Bulls in 3-pointers made. All three guys have made over 100 3-pointers. However, one general manager told Heavy that Chicago needs more shooting and Los Angeles Lakers guard Malik Monk — who is an unrestricted free agent this summer — is a player the Bulls should pursue in free agency.

“I know the Bulls have almost made a big deal about not needing to shoot 3s and about how they’ve managed to be good even without that aspect of things in their game,” the GM told Heavy. “But look, you can see over time you’ve got to be able to shoot. You’ve got to have guys who can make shots and clear space in the lane and Monk is probably the one guy who can give that to them in a big way.

“Bring him off the bench and let him fire away. He would have been a target there if things had not worked out with Alex Caruso last summer. So they should have their mid-level (exception) this summer, they can give that to him and it will just really quickly transform how their bench looks, how their offense looks. It gives them a new dimension.”

Author: Lucy Green