Blues’ Jordan Binnington admits to throwing water bottle at Nazem Kadri after injury

St. Louis Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington was forced to miss much of the series against the Colorado Avalanche after sustaining an injury in Game 3 after a controversial collision with Nazem Kadri. After the game, Binnington bizarrely threw a water bottle at Kadri, missing his target but still coming close enough to cause a scene. Now, more than a week removed from the bizarre incident, Binnington has opened up on his actions and what prompted him to chuck the water bottle at Kadri. Via Brady Trettenero, Binnington claimed the moment was simply too good to pass up.

“So, I went to get my knee checked out in that game. I was coming back to the rink, the game just ended… couldn’t find a recycling bin… Right before I walk into the locker room, I see him kind of being interviewed, smiling, lauhging. And I’m there in a knee brace, limping down the hallway,” Binnington said. “I felt like it was a God-given opportunity. I could just stay silent and go into the room, or I can say something, and have him look me in the eye and have him understand what’s going on. Something to think about. And yeah, threw the water bottle — an empty water bottle. It landed like two feet from him… it is what it is. It’s hockey. It’s a competitive game.”

Author: Lucy Green