5 NFL Quarterbacks Who Will Win A Super Bowl By 2030 (And 5 Who Have No Chance)

Obviously on an NFL team everyone is important, from the coach to the kicker, however, it’s no secret that the quarterbacks are the stars of the movie. The best example is Tom Brady, who came to the New England Patriots and built a dynasty, and then went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and also led them to ultimate glory.

There are many talented quarterbacks today who have never won a Super Bowl, but have everything it takes to win it in the current decade. On the other hand, there are certain quarterbacks who seem to have no chance of accomplishing the feat, either because they will get stuck on bad teams, or because they simply aren’t champions material.

Will Win A Super Bowl: Josh Allen

The Buffalo Bills have never won a Super Bowl, despite having participated in four, but their fans are putting all their faith in Josh Allen to change history. Allen will turn 26 in May, which means he should still improve his game a lot over the course of this decade, enough to lead the Bills to a championship victory. In last season’s playoffs, Allen performed formidably, averaging 318.5 yards per game, with a 77.4 pass completion percentage and 149.0 rating. If Allen maintains that level in the upcoming playoffs, then he will likely end up winning a Super Bowl.

No Chance: Kirk Cousins

It’s quite likely that by 2030 Kirk Cousins will be retired, but will he take home a ring? Hardly. Certainly, Cousins is very talented and was one of the best NFL quarterbacks of 2021, with an excellent 103.1 rating (fourth best in the league), but he is already 33 years old and, most importantly, the Minnesota Vikings are not Super Bowl contenders. Even if Kirk Cousins signs with a better team at the expiration of his current contract, he will already be in the twilight of his career.

Will Win A Super Bowl: Lamar Jackson

In his four seasons in the NFL, Lamar Jackson has proven to be a once-in-a-lifetime quarterback, as he can do it all on the field. In fact, in his MVP season, Lamar Jackson set a single-season rushing record for quarterbacks with 1,206 yards. Impressive, right?

Author: Lucy Green