3 reasons Rob Gronkowski is greatest tight end in NFL history

NFL fans love to debate who the GOAT is. Tom Brady is considered the overall NFL GOAT. However, football fans still love to debate who the best is at each position. These conversations typically revolve around quarterbacks, wide receivers, and running backs. However, Rob Gronkowski’s recent retirement announcement leaves many wondering where he ranks all-time amongst tight ends.

Some consider him to be the best to ever play the position. Others wouldn’t even rank him in the top 5. It comes down to matter of opinion.

But you would be hard pressed to leave him outside of the top 3 greatest tight ends of all-time. And in all reality, he belongs at the forefront of the list.

Here are 3 reasons Rob Gronkowski is the greatest tight end in NFL history.


Receiving/blocking balance

There have been many incredible tight ends throughout the history of the game. However, the position has evolved over time.

It was once considered purely an extra blocker who was technically eligible to catch passes. But now there are plenty of tight ends who are primary targets for quarterbacks. Blocking has even become a secondary talent for some of today’s tight ends.

But Gronk always combined a solid balance of receiving and blocking. His main competition for greatest tight ends of all-time featured similar skill sets. Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates, and Shannon Sharpe all did both things well.

However, Sharpe was more known for his elite blocking prowess. Although, he was a terrific pass catcher as well.

But Gonzalez and Gates both standout. They have more receptions, touchdowns, and receiving yards than Gronk.

Author: Lucy Green